Control Corrective Skincare Systems has been the professional choice since 1997. Here are a few reasons why.

We offer you: •Leading edge products formulated in an FDA Registered OTC Laboratory to meet the highest standards of  efficacy, stability and safety. •Clinical Aestheticians and Spas have relied upon Control Corrective Skincare Systems results driven, concentrated, effective products for 15 years. •A broad range of 15 professional facial services ranging from grand classic spa tradition to 7 Day Skin Rejuvenation Programs with Jessner. •A clearly defined collections based system makes it easy to provide professional skin care products to consumers of all ages, ethnicities and skin types. •A comprehensive clinical treatment approach that targets most skin conditions. •15 years history and credibility and a deep respect for the professional skin care community.



About Ellen Clark Beauty business visionary, licensed aesthetician, skincare educator and formulating genius, Ellen Clark is renowned throughout the clinical skincare and spa business whether it be a luxury resort, self-employed aesthetician or a physician’s medi-spa. By helping spas expand into advanced corrective treatments, she guides them in building their businesses as well. As a young woman, Ellen initially became interested in aesthetics because of her own skin problems, vowing to help others like herself. Spas as we know them today did not exist and in the 1980s; Ellen was one of the first pioneering entrepreneurs to open skin care clinics in multiple locations. Hers were in Northern California and specialized in problem skin,  offering solutions where none had existed before. In 1997, she launched Control Corrective Skincare  Systems in Orange County, California, where she continues her good work.

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